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Python SDK not respecting content_type filter

The following issue is related to the “Retrieving an entry by ID” section in the Contentful Management API SDK — Contentful Management 2.11.0 documentation documentation.

I’m seeing unexpected behavior when attempting to retrieve an entry by id after already establishing the content type.

When querying my space for a “team” entity with ID = 201 no team entity should return, as there is no team entity with that ID. The Python SDK, however, is returning a “competition” entity with ID = 201, which is definitely not expected behavior. My code is below.

import contentful_management

api_key = ***************
space = ****
environment = ****

client = contentful_management.Client(api_key)
space = client.spaces().find(space)
environment = space.environments().find(environment)

competitions = environment.content_types().find(‘competition’)
teams = environment.content_types().find(‘team’)

id = 201

team = teams.entries().find(id)

No team exists with id = 201

1 competition exists with id = 201


Returns <Entry[competition] id=‘201’>