Querying contentful export with nested entries

Hi people.

I need some help with the contentful-export CLI.

How can I export data from contentful (to be used as further seed data by multiple users) but query the entries and assets. I see in the docs that I can set the export config JSON like so and pass the query in an array:

  "spaceId": "source space id",
  "environmentId": "master",
  "managementToken": "destination space management token",
  "deliveryToken": "token to export both entries and assets from the Contentful Delivery API",
  "exportDir": "/data",
  "saveFile": true,
  "contentFile": "export.json",
  "skipRoles": true,
  "skipWebhooks": true,
  "downloadAssets": true,
  "queryEntries": ["content_type=<content_type_id>", "sys.id=<entry_id>"],
  "queryAssets": ["fields.title=Example"]

However it’s unclear what the structure of the array should be giving the "content_type=<content_type_id>", "sys.id=<entry_id>" items. Should I just list the content type ID and entry ID of all the parent entries I want to export and how do I pair those together for all the entries giving that both ID’s are required. I may have understood this wrongly, please let me know.

My goal is to export all content models (which are all nested) but select certain entries starting from a parent entry. This way all nested entries in the queried entries should be exported only. Any ideas or tips or examples of how my queryEntries and/or queryAssets should be structured?

Thank you.