Question around synchronization API vs updatedAt[gt] Poller

Hello, I am looking to synchronize all of the entries of a given type. These entries have RichText with remote links as well. I’d ideally like to fully resolve RichText -> HTML at the time of poll, which means that all assets must be included.

Looking at the Synchronization API, it is possible that the asset lives across the page boundary (or is in the past), and so it wouldn’t be returned. Is my understanding correct here? If so, that would mean that I don’t have assets (images) available at the time of polling, unless I made another API request to retrieve them.

I see that I can instead use /entries?sys.updatedAt[gt]=X to get entries that have changed since the last poll time. This has the advantage of returning all entries + their assets + their links.


  • Is the updatedAt poller the better approach for this use case?
  • Is it possible to resolve RichText -> HTML without using the Node.js plugins (or writing my own library)? I was sorta hoping that there would be a sane default for this over the API, although I understand that the problem of “what to do with assets” exists.
  • When an Asset is updated, the associated contents are not touched. So, updatedAt is not changed and they don’t appear in the poll. Would I need to also poll Assets and resolve backlinks with a re-poll in order to get updated images?