Question to the Community - How Responsive if Contentful Support?

To those in the community who have found you needed to cut a support ticket to answer questions - how responsive have you found support to be? Do you get thrown in a queue and have to wait for a while or do you get an initial response pretty quickly? If you’ve needed a little back and forth to elaborate on the answer, do you go back into a queue for your answer or does the conversation flow pretty well until resolved?

We’re trying to decide between Prismic and Contentful for a headless CMS and one anecdotal complaint I’ve heard about Prismic is that their support is fairly unresponsive. I’d like to see if Contentful is better in that respect.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

hey troy! Simona from Contentful Support team here :slightly_smiling_face: Looking forward for other of our customers to reply, but in the meantime you can try it yourself: + “Talk to us” button in the web app. We offer different support packages to our Committed customers depending on their requirements so if interested in that “Talk to us” :heart_eyes_cat: