Rate Limit Throttle in Community Tier?

I have an on-going issue that I can’t seem to figure out. While I use Enterprise tiers professionally, I have a few Community projects that I work on. Last month, an unintended bug in a project caused my API usage to sky-rocket and almost hit the 2M per month limit. I was able to deploy a fix before this happened, but after the the monthly reset I noticed every time since when I try to rebuild the project I am constantly getting Rate Limit errors, which I have never encountered previously.

This is problematic because I cannot deploy any optimizing fixes because the rate limit errors won’t allow me a full build. I am using the Javascript SDK with NextJS and hosting with Vercel, which times out the build because of so many rate limit errors delaying the build.

I have never encountered this issue before and the core code did not change when this error began occurring. Which makes me think there is some type throttling failsafe built into the Community Tier that lowers the allowed Rate Limit for a space that has “flown too close to the sun.” Has anyone else every experienced this, or something similar?

Did you sort this out? What was the result?