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Real-Life System-Environments Problem

We are currently developing a large business application and one of the tools we are using is contentful. We are using contentful also for dynamic content. Let me explain: The administrator can create an entitiy called “platform”. A platform has a name, a description, a short description and other attributes. Therefore we created a content model for platform. When our Admin creates a platform, we create the platform entity in our database and also create a contentful entry for it. Then we store the content key in our database and connect it with the database platform entity.

The problem we have now is, that we have 5 developers who perform tests on their own during development. They are spamming the contentful space because they are creating platforms all the time. Additionally we have several environments like “dev”, “test”, “integration”, “staging”, “production”… and all of them creating platforms too.

I know contentful provides environments, but then we would need an environment for each developer and a corresponding environment for each system environment we have. These would mean, that we would need about 10 environments for our space. I think there is no package in contentful that provides so much environments (at least not for a reasonable price).

What is the industry standard for this? How do others solve this?

Thanks a lot in advance!