Receiving content that was deleted

We’re receiving content that was deleted… It isn’t shown on the Contentul Admin UI, but we’re still getting it from the API. Is there a cache or something we can purge?

How can this be possible?

Hi @juan,

It would be normal to expect a small delay until your changes are reflected in the API. Could you confirm how it’s been since you update content?

At least 45 minutes…

That is certainly not expected.

Sometimes, the index of entries isn’t successfully updated in our API, so you will receive this error.

Could you please send us a support ticket in here providing the ID of the affected space and entries?

Once we get that information, our team will further investigate this issue.

Whaaat? There are several, and I’m about to bulk upload more than 1.5k…

Usually, only a few entries are affected but, in that case, the ID of the space will be enough for our investigation.