Recommended approach for type checking

In search of best practice for type checking when retrieving content via the Preview API and values for properties are null because they do not have a value yet.

Lets take this interface:

interface ActionProps {
type?: string | null
displayAs?: string | null
label?: string | null
caption?: string | null
url?: string | null
flow?: string | null
buttonType?: string | null
variant?: string | null
icon?: string | null
image?: ContentfulImage | null
isDisabled?: boolean
className?: string
onClick?: (event?: React.MouseEvent<HTMLButtonElement, MouseEvent>) => void

How to go about this in our frontend? Whats the best practice?

#1 > Use optional chaining (?):
#2 > Or strict checking per property if value is not null?

Approach 1 does not feel elegant. Approach 2 is extensive.

And the interface looks messy.