Remap API Domains

Is there a setting to remap any of the existing api based domains to use an alternate domain? We have an internal service that we would like to act as proxy for any Contentful API calls, and still wanted teams to be able to use the current SDKs. We can keep the URI stem, just need to direct calls through the local endpoint.

Interesting idea. I’m curios, what does your service do?

All Contentful Deliver SDKs allow overriding the API host. For example in the JS SDK you’d do it like this: contentful.createClient({space: 'abc122', accessToken: 'XXXX', host: ''}). Similar parameters exist in the other SDKs.

Docs here:

Thanks Rouven!..
This internal service is a “gateway” service that will allow internal server side applications to talk from our internal network to the Contentful endpoints (since no apps have direct internal access and must be routed through this gateway).