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Renaming the master environment alias


I’m just wondering if & when Contentful will follow the lead of the rest of the tech community by renaming the master environment alias to something more inclusive (e.g. main)? Thanks -d

Hi @dantrenz, thanks for your question, our team is currently looking into the topic! It is a big project since switching the name completely would break many user integrations, and the team is exploring the solutions.

In the meanwhile, we recommend using Environment Alias feature to create an alias for the master environment.

It’s great to hear that this is being looked into.

Unfortunately, master is my production environment alias (isn’t it everyone’s?):

During this opt-in process, we create a default alias with the ID master . This alias cannot be renamed or deleted.

Or, are you suggesting that I make a new alias called main and point my production environment at that? I suppose that is an option, tho master would still be lingering and might cause confusion with my team. I’ll consider it.

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