Render Conditional UI in webapp

Are there any plans in the roadmap to include built in conditional UI rendering? I find myself needing this feature more and more.

In the mean time, i assume its possible to achieve this using the UI extensions feature. My question is, can an extension select sibling fields that are defined in the same content type but not in the extension itself? Im having trouble achieving this, is there an example anywhere i can see?

Hi @samuelresua,

Could you explain in a bit more detail what exactly you refer to as conditional UI rendering? Do you mean implementing a conditional logic in the display of your content model fields?

Hi there. Yes that’s exactly what I mean! :+1:

I have double-check with a few colleagues, and to outline, this would require you to build two UI extensions:

  1. a placeholder to sit on the “data” fields that hold all the discrete data that just says “controlled by abc field” and

  2. the conditional controller that sits on the abc field. On this field will be all the conditional logic as well as displaying the input forms for the “data” fields (shown or hidden as determined by the logic)

We unfortunately do not have an example of that but we will be glad to further assist you in case you choose to proceed in building that. :slight_smile: