Resolve links from direct HTTP calls to API

I’m calling the Content Delivery API from an Angular app and attempting to retrieve a collection of entries (all of the same content_type) and include the related assets in each entry (e.g. resolveLinks using the include param).

I’m able to retrieve a collection of entries of the desired content_type, but the assets are lumped together in an “Asset” array (not included directly in each entry).

Any idea if this is possible?


Hi Ian,

It ultimately depends on how you’re configuring you client, but if you enable resolveLinks through the JS SDK, you should be able to seamlessly fetch the content from these linked items.


I’m not using the JS SDK, I’m calling the API directly via HTTP calls. There essentially isn’t a “client”.

The documentation indicates that the “include” param is functionally the same as “resolveLinks”.


Hi @ian.r.sherwood,
In that case, it’s unfortunately not possible - as the API by itself doesn’t yet provide the ability to automatically resolve links, as in our SDKs.

OK, I’ll just have to use the SDK then. Thanks for confirming!

I too am using contentful with angular and find that the contentful.js lib has too much extra JS that is redundant including axios.

So I dug around in the source for the contentful.js lib and found that it uses GitHub - contentful/contentful-resolve-response: Resolve items & includes of a Contentful API response into a proper object graph to resolve the links.

So I have a very simple client that can resolve the links with none of the dependencies. Warning, this is not tested and does not do any kind of error handling. It’s very rough.

  providedIn: 'root'
class ContentfulClientService {
  private space = 'oops'
  private accessToken = Utils.contentfulKey
  private host = Utils.contentfulHost
  private http = inject(HttpClient)

  getEntries(params) {
    const qs = new URLSearchParams(params)
    return this.http.get(`https://${}/spaces/${}/environments/master/entries?${qs}`, {
      headers: {
        Authorization: `Bearer ${this.accessToken}`
      map((resp: any) => {
        return {
          items: resolveResponse(resp, {
            itemEntryPoints: ['fields'],