REST query to find also the person of a blogPost within just one query

Hey Contentful, I have a question. Do you provide an option to also subquery the assets of the REST blogPost Endpoint. The reason is, thtat I have a post by “michael” which is searchable by:

But when I am searching for “michael” there is no result. The reason, the asset person is not combined in the query as a subquery. How can I do that?

Any ideas?

Hi @michael, to fetch the entry where the asset is used, you will need to use links to asset parameter:{token}&links_to_asset=2JEBOMP0F2aVWqlYMzRS62

The search parameter needs to be the asset_id and it goes 1 level deep. You can find all available search parameters in the documentation here.

Please kindly change your access token once the problem is resolved, to minimize the security risks.