Retrieving an entry by querying based on a entry's field

Hello, just a couple a weeks ago I did an implementation using the JS SDK to query an entry by a localized field using the match modifier with the locale = *, this because I want to retrieve the entry with its fields and all of the localized values for it. The value I’m sending to query the entries is in french (non default locale in our space, it is en-US).

I’m 100% sure that the following approach was working just fine at least one week ago and now it doesn’t. Did something change on CF side? Am I doing something wrong here and it worked before just as a matter of magic?
Thanks a lot

Here is an example of the how I’m making the request for a fr-CA value with locale=*:[match]=brochettes de crevettes marinees au citron et a l ail&content_type=recipe&locale=*&limit=1