Rich Text: Making an inline embedded entry bold

Is it possible to make an inline embedded entry bold within a rich text field? Or has anybody found a good workaround for this?

From the documentation I see it says:

But then it also says:

  • Sibling Text nodes with equal marks should be grouped.

If you would allow inline embedded entries to have marks, then you could group sibling Text and inline embedded entries together.

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Hi @evan12345,

Do you want to bold the whole embedded entry? If yes, I think it would be more practical to do that using CSS in your presentation layer. Just create a custom renderer for your that wraps your embedded entry in <div class="embedded-entry"></div> or whatever and apply styles to it.

Hi thanks for the reply!

So with that solution I would have to predetermine that I want the inline embedded entry bold in my code? I’d like to be able to make it bold or not bold within the rich text field.

Here are some examples of what I’d like to do within a rich text field:

  1. [bold mark from rich text] Some label text: [inline-embedded-entry][/bold mark from rich text]
  2. Some label text: [bold mark from rich text][inline-embedded-entry][/bold mark from rich text]

And if it is decided at some point that a different part of the sentence needs to be bolded/italicized/etc I’d like to be able to make that change from the rich text field without needing to change my code.