Risk of hitting CDA rate limit during static site build step?

I have a static site (built with Nextjs, deployed to Vercel) that will be potentially firing off hundreds of API requests during the build step. I understand that the community tier is limited to 55 requests per second, and my build will very likely exceed this in short bursts.

What risk am I facing here? I wouldn’t want to risk a build failure in production due to failed requests.

Also, is the CDA rate limit calculated on an individual second basis, or as an average per-second over a longer period of time?

Thank you!

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Hi @nseth, I am Alma from Contentful support team, although I am not familiar with the technologies you use, I’d like to share some best practices about the Contentful part.

First of all, there is no rate limit if your request is served from our CDN (our cache layer), and 55 requests/second if it can’t be served in CDN and reach our Delivering Application. You can find more details here.

To avoid getting rate limited, customers usually optimize the requests or use sync API

To manage rate limit errors, you could implement a delay or a retry mechanism in your application.

Getting back to your last question, the CDA rate limit calculated on an individual calendar second basis.