Robots making millions of calls


So i managed to cache everything i could possibly cache, but we still exceed the number of requests included in our plan by like 20-25 million requests every month and i find this totaly ridiculous.

I wonder if this is happening to everybody using contentful?

We do not have thousands of people going through our website everyday…

So, are robots/bots responsible for all these requests?

Can someone help? Or explain? And is there a solution for this…?

Thank you!

Hi @olivier.castro-perri,

It’s very unlikely this is being by a robot/bot, but you could send us the affected spaces to in our support channel so that we can further investigate this. We’d be able to see what requests are being sent and what endpoint is originating them.

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Hi @gabriel,

i sent i ticket to the support channel referring to this topic.



Hi, i opened a support ticket, but i didnt received any answer for the past 2 weeks…

Hey there,

how does the number of API requests compare to the traffic you’re seeing on your app/website, measured using tools like Google Analytics? Are you seeing very different ranges, or are the numbers similar?