Self hosted extension: entry.fields[myfield].getValues() not finding all results


I wrote an extension similar to content-tree from the samples extensions.
I run it self hosted, built with

It’s linked to a custom content_model and usually works fine, but on the reload via browser reload, it loses the last linked entry in the fields.getValue array. Always the last one.

I am not sure if this is a somehow an issue with the self-hosting, caching (though it’s theoretically turned off).
Also when I browse to another page in contentful and return, the result is as expected, and on reload the last linked entry disappears.

The content-tree extension is deployed, and works fine all the time during these tests.
I am a bit at a loss and hope someone can point me in a direction.


uh, seems I have to take that back. I did a few more tests, and it seems to work fine now. I think I did a bit of fiddling the content model of the linked entries, once I leave them alone the extension works after as many reloads as I can think of.