SEO Fields: Part of a Content Type or a Separate Content Type?

Hello! I am currently building a content model and I have a SEO-related question. I see a lot of examples where SEO fields are modelled in a separate content type (with a reference to that content type from for instance a Landing Page content type). But it seems to me to be easier to make SEO fields part of a landing page content type (rather than referencing to it). By treating it as two separate content types, wouldnt you get more entries (1 for the landing page and 1 for the SEO information)? And it doesn’t make sense to reuse SEO information content entries (you cannot refenrence the same SEO entry from two different landing page entries, that would mean two pages have the same SEO information).

Am I missing something? What is the benefit of modelling SEO information in a separate content type? Would love to hear your thoughts!

I’m in the same boat than you, I manage to run out of content types and now I’m rethinking about how I use them.

I can see one benefice from having it as a content type, you create it once and then re-use it. It gives you consistency and speed up the process to create new content models

Down side is that it create another entry, so is more noise in the content tab. the realty as you said this is not a re-usable piece of content.

In short we decide to move to shareable pieces of content in the future