Set entry title based on selected value from a custom UI extension

Good Morning party people,

I have a custom select ui-extension and want to set the entry title based on the selected entry. So basically i want to get rid of the title field and set the entry title based on the selected value. In this case for example the entry title should be Test3.

you can use the displayField property to set the title.
the value will be field id that you want its value to be used as title.


const contentful = require('contentful-management')

const client = contentful.createClient({
  accessToken: '<content_management_api_key>'

.then((space) => space.getEnvironment('<environment-id>'))
.then((environment) => environment.createContentTypeWithId('<custom-id>', {
  name: 'Blog Post',
 displayField: 'title'
  fields: [
      id: 'title',
      name: 'Title',
      required: true,
      localized: false,
      type: 'Text'
.then((contentType) => console.log(contentType))
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@khaled Thanks for your reply. I made a mistake - I mean the UI extension, not the JS SDK. So currently i have a React UI Extension which takes some value from an API

    onChange = e => {
        const value = e.currentTarget.value;
        this.setState({ value });

        const result = this.state.items.find(e => e.slug === value);
        if (result) {
 return (
                <SelectField id="events" name="events" labelText="Select an event" helpText="Select an event from the Pretix API" value={this.state.value.slug} onChange={this.onChange}>
                    <Option value="">Pick an event</Option>
                    { => {
                        return (
                            <Option key={item.slug} value={item.slug}>

Now i also want to set the entry title based on my selected value.

HI @christopher ,
have you figured out how to set the title value using the SDK? I am facing the same issue and not sure if there is a way to set title value dynamically!