Should we localise form fields?

Hello all,

What is the best way to localise forms? Let’s say I have a form of x number fields, a mixture of inputs, textareas, dropdowns etc. Should I localise them in Contentful? If yes, how should I model this? One Content Type has a limit of 50 fields but if I create a Content Type per field type, then it would be a nightmare for the editors…

There is still a finite number of things you want to do in a form and if you have various field content types for numbers, names, emails, etc, you can reference them from elsewhere. The additional advantage is that you can then compose arbitrarily complex forms out of those simple fields.

As each of those content types would contain a descriptive name of the field and the actual field name, another way to go about this is to create 1 content type consisting of a key value pair where the key is not translated but the value is.

For example, in a form used to send an email, that content type could be used to hold the button text. The key would be the descriptive name, like “submit_button” and the value would be “Send email” in English and “Skicka e-mail” in Swedish.

thank you all for the replies. This granularity makes sense. I could even use them in a Rich Text Editor I suppose.