Simple question in regards to personal project creation

Hello everyone, I have a simple (hopefully question) that I am trying to figure out. I am in the process of slowly building a small project for myself to understand how the API’s work all together so need some clarification.

I am creating custom content inside contentful something like a portfolio and want to essentially pass it on a completely different website as a '‘widget’'of some shorts. The idea behind it, is that I want in the future to potentially reuse it professionally in coding and potentially offer it to third party friends that are in the same industry as myself(3D and animation). The only hiccup on this, I really don’t want to always have to bother them and require access on their website when updates are happening and as well want to make sure when I do a change they automatically get the newest '‘widget’'that they can style according to their own needs.

I understand that potentially i have to create everything on the CONTENT management side and when it comes down to friends I would have to simply make an API call to the Content Delivery API. Am I correct with my thought process and if not, how would you approach this?

Ideally in the future, I would like to expand on this idea :smiley: and use other types of ‘‘widgets’’.

You got it! that’s exactly how it should work.