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Single Entry Content Model

Hi All. I’m new in Contentfull so will appreciate for your help.
So I have dynamic pages, like About Me, Team, etc.
Ant this pages have a different fields:
About Me:

  • My Bio
  • Specialities
  • History


  • Team Description
  • Goal/Mission

How should I create my models.

  1. Can I create a model type Pages and setup it somehow where the different entries will have different field sets? When I will add About Me item there will be some fields.
  2. Or maybe I can create two different content models with own fields, but where I can add only single item, not multiple.

Thank you!

I’d recommend you think about how you want to use your content beyond the page level. I would treat each thing as an object and then add objects to pages. For example. Maybe create a “me” object that holds all your information. Or a person object that holds you and other people in the future. Then create a team object. Then have a page object that can hold various objects inside of it. The key is to make your content model scalable and future proof. I have a free video you can watch (I presented it at Blueprints 2020) -

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Thank you! Yes, I understand that I have to think in Content Model development.