Slideshow Jump Links. How do you do em?

Hello, i’m creating my Guide content.
I can add the jump link like this:
It will work on the online template.

And the same, when i create the Guide slideshow content.
How can i add the jump link to slideshow image title on slideshow body?


Hi @baby-tech,

Could you explain in a bit more detail what you mean by slideshow image title? How exactly are you implementing this in your application?

I am sorry that my statement is not clear, the slideshow is another type of content.
and we created a content module

It’s made up of multiple guide images.

per guide image name show on the template is h2 tag, is the same with we write the h2 tag “## testh2” on body

so my question is how to add the jump link with each guide image title?

Hi @gabriel
Do you have any way to do for this?