Sorting doesn't work

Sorting in Contentful doesn’t work.

It’s that simple.

Go to Content.

Choose any Conent Type in the left-hand nav.

Sort by Name ascending or descending.

I expect it to properly sort alphabetically.

It doesn’t.

Confirmed it’s broken on multiple machines in multiple browsers.

If I update the Content Model of the Contenty Type, then it sorts properly once or twice, then it stops sorting.

I contacted support about this on Monday and haven’t heard back.

This is borderline critical. We have content types with hundreds of entries.

I send screenshots to support. I can upload them here also.

Hi @rewire-admin, I’m Alma from Customer Support.

Would you be able to explain in more details the issue? And also if you could upload the screenshots here would be great :slight_smile:

It really is as simple as I state. I sort any Content Type I’m browsing by Name in the Content area, and it’s reordering the entries, but they’re not even remotely sorted alphabetically.

I’ll upload images sometime today. I need to put in dummy records so I’m not exposing my client’s real data in a public forum. If you have a private side-channel, I can send what I sent to support.


I edited my original post to stay focused on the issue.

Hi @rewire-admin, the entries in the Content page are by default ordered by updated-at. However in some cases it’s possible to sort them by Title (ASC or DESC). From my test (done just now), the sorting works as expected - attached screenshot: