"spaceID" is not allowed error in plugin for gatsby

I’ve installed the plugin and when I run “gatsby develop” in the command line it fails. Here’s what I get:

Problems with gatsby-source-contentful plugin options:
spaceID: “xxxxxxxxxxxx” - “spaceID” is not allowed
accessToken: “***************************************lDzw”
host (default value): “cdn.contentful.com
environment (default value): “master”
downloadLocal (default value): false
localeFilter (default value): [Function]
forceFullSync (default value): false
pageLimit (default value): 100
useNameForId (default value): true
spaceId: undefined - “spaceId” is required

Seems like a permissions issue with Contentful? I’m very new to this, so any ideas on what it could be? Thanks!


Your error says “spaceID” is not allowed, but the property in your gatsby-config.js plugin setup should be spaceId - lowercase “d”.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you for catching that!! I knew it had to be something simple like that. Much appreciated.