Spell checker in mark-down editor

Hi Contentful team

I posted this in a thread late last year. I’m quite keen on a response and making sure it is on you radar.

Is there any progress or updates on using spell checker in the mark-down editor. Our web editors would like to be able to use Grammarly.

We did an evaluation of the UI extensions Alloy and Summernote, but found too many advantages with the mark-down editor.


This would also be my #1 addition. Very frustrating having to copy and paste to another doc, spell check, and then copy back.

Have you tried the new Rich Text field? It has spell check. https://www.contentful.com/developers/docs/concepts/rich-text/

There’s also tooling to convert long text fields with Markdown into Rich Text: https://github.com/contentful/rich-text/tree/master/packages/rich-text-from-markdown

Rich text fields require some major development time to convert to and do not support code blocks.

Not natively, you’re right, but you can create a separate content type (for example “HTML widget”) that would include a long text field. You could then embed that into the Rich Text field.

Thanks for comments.

I think it would take quite a bit of development and staff time to migrate or start using the rich text editor. We have just finished the hard sell on changing from HMTL to Markdown and I’m not sure our web editors are up for another change.

I’d still be interested in hearing from Contentful staff on the possibility of allowing Grammarly.

Would those "HTML widget"s be spell checkable in the Rich Text fields?

No, spell check wouldn’t work in the long text field that held the code, but you’d likely just have HTML/code/etc in there–nothing to spell check, per se.

I do appreciate recommending alternative solutions and we have looked at moving to rich text fields but having spell checking in long text/markdown fields would be helpful regardless. I think my (and other’s) frustration is that it’s an expected feature for creating content, this have been an asked for many times, and there haven’t been any substantial updates about it.

100% agree with Kyle - this is a serious omission and makes life extremely difficult for those of us using markdown. Using RT is not always an option when dev time is concerned. Be great to even know if this is on the roadmap in any form?