State.src.replace is not a function


I’m using nuxt.js and contentful and trying to pull in a blog. I keep getting the following error:

TypeError: state.src.replace is not a function
at Array.inline (normalize.js?4c26:14)
at Core.process (parser_core.js?a915:51)
at MarkdownIt.parse (index.js?08ae:519)
at MarkdownIt.render (index.js?08ae:539)
at Proxy.render (_slug.vue?b949:28)
at VueComponent.Vue._render (vue.runtime.esm.js?2b0e:3548)
at VueComponent.updateComponent (vue.runtime.esm.js?2b0e:4055)
at Watcher.get (vue.runtime.esm.js?2b0e:4479)
at new Watcher (vue.runtime.esm.js?2b0e:4468)
at mountComponent (vue.runtime.esm.js?2b0e:4073)

This is the slug file:

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{{ post.fields.title }}

      <hr />
      <article v-html="$md.render(post.fields.content)"></article>
.foreground .page-bar { border-bottom: 0; } .headline { padding: 3em 0 0; } .headline h1 { font-size: 3.5em; } .copy { padding-bottom: 7em; } .copy *:not(div) { margin: 2em 0 1em; } .copy h3 { font-size: 1.35em; } .copy ul { margin: 0; padding-left: 1em; list-style: disc; } .copy li { margin: 0; } .content { padding: 10px; }

Hi @rebecca, could you tell me which tutorial are you using? :slightly_smiling_face: I can try to have a look. However it seems a pure NuxtJS error, maybe due to either a misconfiguration or the data from Contentful not being retrieved correctly.