[Stockholm, Sept. 27] Contentful User Meetup

RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/Contentful-User-Meetup-Stockholm-1/events/242382687/

Valtech HQ, Hantverkargatan 5, Stockholm


• 6:00PM - Doors open. Our team will be there to welcome you

• 6:30PM - TUI Nordic: From Enterprise Monolith to Microservices with Contentful with Emil Wiklund (TUI Nordic) and David Fuchslin (Valtech)
A look at our ongoing journey from a large monolith platform to microservices with a deep dive into the new architecture. A case study-in-progress, we will explore the advantages and challenges of our new setup, as well as discuss how Contentful has facilitated a quick and easy migration.

• 7:00PM - TBA

• 8:00PM - AMA open session with Contentful engineers and networking


  • Emil Wiklund

Emil has been a developer at TUI Nordic for over 10 years. Fluent in all things front-end, Emil also has a long history in server-side .NET and java development. As the tech lead for his team, he has been instrumental in the design of the new CMS solution for TUI Nordic.

  • David Fuchslin

David is a technical consultant and developer from Valtech with over 12 years experience in web CMS development. A history of enterprise server-side java development, he is recently learning the joys of frontend web development as well as the pleasure of working closely with the devops. He has helped Emil architect the new CMS solution for TUI Nordic.

Our first ever User Meetup in Stockholm was the largest user meetup we ever had outside of Berlin :tada:
We had two amazing talks which you can now watch online here: https://valtech.se/events/meet-up-tui-nordic-contentful/

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