Synchronisation API

With the synchronisation API, it seems you can only retrieve entries and assets in the “published” state.

Is there any way to retrieve entries and assets in the draft, changed/updated and archived states?

Use case: keeping an incremental local backup of the entire contents of a space. (I could use contentful-export, but it doesn’t support true incremental backups.)


Hi @avaragado,

Could you clarify if you refer to the initial sync, or the subsequent calls?

My testing has been with the subsequent calls (passing a sync token into the API). I confess I haven’t explicitly checked whether the API returns entries/assets in all states for the initial sync call. But I would expect that if it did, it would do so for subsequent calls too.

My observation is that an asset that’s archived between one sync call and the next is returned by that second sync call as a DeletedAsset record. If I then republish the asset, it appears again in the results of the next sync call as an Asset record.

For maintaining a copy of “all published entries and assets” this makes sense. For backups it’s not helpful behaviour.