"This will only take a minute" pop up


I am new to contentful, and I registered an account to test contentful out. I am not sure if it is caused by the account being a free trial, but the experience of using contentful is bad.

There are “This will only take a minute” pop-ups every now and then. There are “Error loading asset with id”, “Something went wrong”, and loading screens here or there.

I cannot create a single complete content on the site.

I was planning to upgrade to a paid plan to see if it is better, however, It returns 403 (I am the only user in the organization, but the site asked me to contact my administrator), so I cannot even upgrade my account.

I tried to change my browser (from chrome to edge), and I tried to change my network service provider, but it won’t make a difference.

Is there anyone experiencing similar issues?

Hmm, I’d recommend contacting support so they can look into this. Something definitely not normal in what you’re describing