Total API Requests doesn't reflect valid numbers

In the last 8 days, we have seen an increase of 1 Million API requests and this doesn’t align with the requests we send from our system to Contentful.
We don’t have any Contentful API Key exposed publicly but we run all requests through a backend service or a pipeline build process to generate a static site.

This all may make sense to me until the last things I tested.
I have removed/deleted all API Keys from Contentful, this includes CDA keys & CMA keys.
And although that, I saw an increase of a 3000-3500 request per hour in our organization.

Does that make any sense? Or is this expected?

Does Contentful per example count the requests to API Base URL as part of their total API requests usage?

Hi @marc.magdi, please kindly submit a support ticket with your space-id, so I can check the API usage for you.
At the moment we don’t offer support to community plans; if this is your case, please add a note (i.e. ‘for Alma per our conversation in Community’) so my colleagues will transfer it to me :))

Hi @Alma, thank you for your help.
We upgraded our account to be able to access some logs on your side.
Looks like there was an issue in Contentful API for counting the requests to the CDA and should now be resolved. Our usage has decreased from 100,000 to 500 requests per day after the fix on your side.
I believe we can now close this topic