Transfer content from one space to another

Hi there,

I’m working on several spaces at the same time, and would like to “transfer” some contents from one space to another.
How is it possible ?
I’ve looked into the Contentful CLI but I’m a complete beginner - never used Git at all - so I have not understood the tutorials.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @technical.admin, the Contentful CLI is the right tool to ‘transfer’ data across spaces and environments.

  1. First of all you will need to Install the CLI:
    If you don’t have Node/Npm, you can easily install it from here:

  2. After that you will need to authenticate your CLI so that it will operate on your space:
    Be aware that if you have more than one space, you might need to login into space A, export the data, logout, then login into space B and import the data (or use the --management-token and --space-id parameters into the CLI).

  3. Then you will need to become familiar with the CLI syntax explained here:
    Most of the informations are not needed for a full import/export.