Trigger event from parent entry when nested child entry are changed

I want to know if I want to try to filter a parent entry for a dispatching event if linked child entry data is changed. Is it possible to done or nor ?

Hi @hashemi.rafsan, it is not directly possible.

The reason is:

When an entry X is modified, the retrieved response only yields information about entry X itself. If this entry X is referenced in other entries, there wouldn’t be a direct way to be notified of it.

A workaround would be:

If you control the webhook listener, as you’re notified that entry X was changed, subsequently retrieve all entries that reference it:

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Hi @Alma,
Thanks for confirming.

Can you please help me if there is a way in Webhook where I can subsequently retrieve all entries that reference the child entry?

the document is for contentful API.
final CDAArray all =