Unable to remove the developer role for community tier user

I’ve created my space back to several years ago. I think it’s been through several major updates. Back to that time, there was three default roles, Administrator, Developer, Editor. With the recent tier changes, the community tier is only allowed to have two roles.
I am ok to only use two roles for my use cases. However, there is no way for me to delete either Developer or Editor role since I am not a paid user so I am not eligible to edit the existing role. It feels like a dead-end to me because my current account exceed the community tier limitation so I cannot update the content. It looks like the only way to solve it is purchasing the paid tier to get the permission to edit the role. I don’t really think this is a solution and I don’t think contentful designs purposely in this way to upsell their product.

Could you please help me to resolve this? I think the bottom line for the community tier should be at least eligible to delete a role.