Unknown field 'allContentful...' on type 'Query'?

Hi everyone,

I get some strange error in my terminal. I didn’t delete or change my Content Models. The site worked fine till yesterday, i setup a webhook and changed some items in my content and this is what i got:

I’m in a hurry because this project has to be ready in 1 week, hope that somebody can help me with this issue…

Hi there,
Is it possible that you’re using the field name instead of its ID in your query? It seems like the issue here is that it cannot find that property in our API.

Having the same problem from one day to other, with no changes on the model.

Suddenly, all my custom entity queries disappeared

Im facing the same issue. After deleting one model all the other models disappears from my query?
Is it supose to work that way? Are you unable to query the models you have set up after deleting one?

Also facing the same issue, it just randomly appears from time to time.

Edit: Solution: Delete .cache folder.