Unlisted or public view of content panel

So I’m making a NFP family recipe website hosted using eleventy and github pages using the community addition of Contentful.
The issue lies with the fact I would like many users (unlimited practically) to input content and not just the 5 users I’m restricted to. Is there any way of doing this through Contentful itself, or thirdparty form app…?

Thanks, John

Hi @john_content ,
As explained in our Pricing Page, you could upgrade to a paid plan if you need more users: Contentful Pricing | Contentful

However, allowing ‘any user’ to post Content could be both a security problem and a potential infringement of our Terms and Conditions: Terms of service | Contentful (section 3.2e):

You will ensure that you and your users do not use temporary email addresses or share user accounts among multiple individuals, and you will permit Contentful to terminate the accounts of any users that violate this Agreement or the AUP.