Unordered-list on rich text support

Hey all,
Im trying to publish new entries using python contentful_management packageI want to publish entry with rich-text field
I managed to do so yesterday (the same entry) and now it seems to not work, with the following exception:

contentful_management.errors.UnprocessableEntityError: HTTP status code: 422 Message: Validation error Details: * Name: in - Path: '['fields', 'articleBody', 'en-US', 'content', 8, 'content', 3, 'nodeType']' - Value: 'unordered-list' Request ID: d17142ad-c4d9-4cad-a33f-ef3c503cde4a

I started uploading a new entry, and saw this exception, and remembered Im using this on another entry
so I removed it from my workspace and tried to upload again, and it didnt work :sweat_smile:
same code - didnt change a thing

Is it possible you pushed a changed that broke that? Thank you for your help!

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I just found this thread
It seems unordered-list cant be inside blockquote tag

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