Update() followed by publish()

Hi all, maybe this question has been answered elsewhere, but i’d like to have clarity on the following.

Often in the Management API, we want to update the structure and publish it, something along the lines of:

url.fields.slug[otherLocaleCode] = url.fields.slug[defaultLocaleCode];
const url2 = await url.update();
await url2.publish();

These calls both take a long time, and i was wondering if there was a more efficient way to do the same thing, like

await url.updateAndPublish()?

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There isn’t a more efficient way to do that unfortunately. How long is a long time? It shouldn’t normally take a significant amount of time to update or publish an entry.

It’s an issue when you are updating 1000s of entries, then every second counts. The publish in particular is very slow (up to 1 second per call).