Upscale SVG image with image API?

I have an SVG that was uploaded as 16px, but I’d like to pull them down in various sizes. I’m trying to pull down bigger sizes, but it only let’s me resize to smaller sizes. Since it’s a vector image, I should be able to get any size.

This is what I’m trying:

Notice in the second link, I’d like to upscale the image then convert to PNG. Is there a way to achieve this?

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Hi @basemlazer ,

Unfortunately SVG is not a supported Image type at the moment, therefore is not possible to upscale them to a bigger dimension. However, the resizing should work for JPEG, PNG and WEBP as said in our documentation:

This is super disappointing. I am now looking to outsource for a CDN network that specializes in vector graphics

Hi Alma,

Any updates on this? Does Contentful offer the possibility to support .svg files now?