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URL/Link to entry editor from a web applicaiton

Hi -

I’m new to Contentful, and am investigating it for use in a custom enterprise application.

The use case is that this application provides a set of “Settings” pages to end-users that allows end-users to change various preferences and configurations related to their use of the application. We also would like to start allowing end-users to provide some custom content that will be used in the application, and would like to have them manage this through this same “Settings” area.

I realize that Contentful is designed so that content authors/editors would use the Contentful application for these purposes - however, for an enterprise application, it’s somewhat undesirable to direct end-users away from the enterprise application to the Contentful application. So there are some questions around this:

  1. Is there any facility for embedding the Contentful editor pages into a custom application? For example, if we have a React application with 10 “Settings” pages, could we “embed” the editors for a specific content entry (say a specific RichText entry) into a React page/component to create a new “Settings” page for this content?

  2. If not, is there a way to access a specific entry editor of the Contentful application via a targeted URL? For example, if we have a RichText entry used for a some document’s “Description” content block, could we create an application page that displays this content block’s preview, with a hyperlink labeled “Edit”, which could launch the Contentful web application with the editor for this content entry opened?

  3. Are there any other standard approaches or best practices for this type of use case?

Thanks in advance for advice/guidance on this.