Use Case/Billing Question re Multi-user blogs


I am researching options for a platform for delivering a client site, and was looking at Contentful.

The use-case is a website with a variety of different content types. Most of the content will be managed by a handful of people, however there is a blog component of the site that multiple users will be able to create/edit. Looking at the way pricing works, it seems like this requirement will make the site too expensive to host on Contentful. So my questions are:

  1. Am I reading this right?
  2. Is this not a good use case for the platform?
  3. If it is, are there ways to make this work in a more affordable manner?


Hi @ashish,

As I have described in a recent thread, Contentful is optimized for content creation, instead of specifically providing authentication to multiple users outside of a given organization.

That being the case, if most of your content is managed by people within your own organization, it may be possible that one of our plans could fit your needs:

However, if you have a section that requires the management of hundreds of external users, it might be a better idea to do this on your side, rather than relying on our authentication implementation to do so.

Let me know if that makes sense or if you have other questions :slight_smile: