Use webhooks with Jenkins

We are struggling to find a way to use webbooks with Jenkins because we want to build a new page/content on contentful without manually deploying.

I didn’t find useful/relevant information so far. Does anybody know if it’s possible?

Thank you,

looks like someone on StackOverflow already provided an answer:

I suggest you combine the generic webhook plugin with a custom Contentful Webhook.

  1. You first need to configure the generic webhook plugin in jenkins to trigger the job you want.
  2. Then you create a Contentful webhook pointing to your jenkins url
http://<YOUR JENKINS URL>/jenkins/generic-webhook-trigger/invoke
  1. If you have multiple jobs in jenkins and you only want to trigger a specific one you can use tokens in your jenkins plugin config.
http://<YOUR JENKINS URL>/jenkins/generic-webhook-trigger/invoke?token=abc123