User Info in Webhook payload

I want to send the email of the user who published the content in the payload of the webhook. But the payload doesn’t have any field containing the userinfo. How can that be done?


Hi @alisha.khullar,

That is not currently possible as we don’t provide any personal information from other users into our APIs.

Is this still the case? I would like to add the user name to a slack notification webhook

Same request here, would like to have a field of the user name in the webhook payload so that a slack notification can be sent to the publisher.

Hi all, if your organization is on an enterprise plan and control the webhook listener, you could use the steps below:

  • Transform your webhook payload to include of the user (documentation can be found here, section ‘Transformation context’)

  • On the webhook listener side, use user id in User management API to query the user email and name