Using Contentful's Delivery API


I’ve added Contentful’s Javascript Delivery SDK to VuePress - a static site generator (details below). I thought Contentful’s Content Delivery API is used once to build the site with the content I received. But in the network section of the browser developer tools I see API requests even after the site has been deployed to Netlify/ is live.

Is that the way it should be?

How I added Contentful to VuePress:

  1. I created docs/.vuepress/contentful.js

    const contentful = require('contentful')
    const config = {
      space: "example-space",
      accessToken: "example-token"
    module.exports = {
      createClient () {
        return contentful.createClient(config)
  2. I added to the in docs/.vuepress/components/ExampleComponent.vue

      import { createClient } from '../contentful.js'
      const client = createClient()
      created() {
            .then(entry => = entry)
            .catch(err => console.log(err));

Thank you very much for your help :blush: