Using Embedly / Instagram on Rich Text

Hey Guys,

We are up and running with Contentful and are looking to setup some content with Rich Text. This text currently has instagram posts in it on our existing CMS and I wanted to know how to get this into the Rich Text.

I can see in the markdown editor there is the Embed External Content which links up with embedly:

How would we do the same think with Rich Text? Apologies if this is really simple and I am missing it

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Hi Gareth,

Whenever you type your long-text field, that is automatically formatted into Markdown syntax. With that in mind, We use Embedly to display external content. To show Embedly cards in your sites and apps, you should use the relevant libraries provided by Embedly. See their documentation for more information.

Hi @gabriel

I think I might be mising something here - I am trying to use a Rich Text field type:

When I copy / paste an Instagram embed into it, I just get a long line of garbage - nothing with embedly.

If I use a longtext field and markdown, I can see how it works but not rich text type

Thanks for asking this @gareth I’m also interested in this functionality within the Rich Text field type.

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Hey @peter.collier

I ended up finding a way to do it, I created a new content type which just had a Title and Markdown. This I then allowed to be embedded into the Rich Content.

This looks like it will work but isn’t as neat as I would like.

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