UX annoyance: bulk upload of assets has a limit you don't find out until too late

I wanted to upload, in bulk, 21 images. I went to the Media page, clicked Add Asset, and selected “Multiple assets”. In the “Choose files” dialog, I selected my 21 images.

Only then was I told that the limit is 20 items.

I had to figure out, by eye, which one of the 21 images Contentful didn’t upload, and then upload that separately.

SUGGESTION: Make it obvious in advance what the limit is. If someone selects more images than allowed, make it obvious in the UI which images have not been uploaded, and offer to create a new upload batch when the first batch has successfully completed.

Better still, raise or remove the limit.


Hi @avaragado,

Indeed, there is a limit of 20 uploaded assets per batch and an error message should be prompted if you go over the limit. Thank you for you for suggestion! :smile:

I completely understand your use case and have already opened a feature request for this. :blush:

Let me know if there’s anything else or if you have any other questions.

June 2020 and it’s still not intuitive when uploading multiple images.