Version Control in Contentful

Just wanted to explore more on versioning in Contentful. I can see versioning happens only if you “Publish” the content. What if multiple edits made by multiple users to a single content and its in “Draft”, there is no way to see who made what changes. Is there any provision to lock the content by that user, if its in “Draft” or “Updated” state , so that nobody else can edit it.


Also, for comparing version, you can compare previously published version with current version only. Is there any provision to compare between two previous version… like if current published version is ver10… i would like to see what changes went from ver7 to ver8.


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Any update on this? Being able to view changes by specific users would be a great feature.

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Just started with Contentful. But this would be a great feature to have. Not sure why it is not available, it i an obvious CMS feature, isn’t it? :slight_smile: