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Video and image asset limitations?

Struggling to find information on limits for Micro spaces:

  1. How many assets (images and videos) can be uploaded
  2. The maximum file size per asset
  3. The total amount of storage space available for assets
  4. Any bandwidth limitations on querying images and streaming videos

I’m going to be building a prototype that is going to have perhaps hundreds of images and videos (probably less than 500 in the near term), and I’m curious if Contentful will work for me or whether I need to use a dedicated video hosting service.

Hello @tech4,

Thank you for posting your question!

All detailed information on technical limits can be found in the Technical limits page here.

Also, please feel free to refer to the Fair use policy here for all information about API calls and asset bandwidth limits and overages.

As long as the videos do not cross our Terms of Service and Legal FAQ, you should be completely fine with our platform. Please do keep in mind the asset bandwidth overage that might happen though.

We have recently made changes to our pricing structure which doesn’t include Micro space plans anymore, so I would recommend checking our new and updated pricing page here!

I hope this information helps!

Greets from Contentful team :wave: