Webhook in filter not working

I have content types (parentTypes) that contain another single content type (childType). I’m trying to trigger a webhook when the child content type within the other parent content types is changed.

I can get it to work using the the webhhok GUI where I set:

Content Type ID (sys.contentType.sys.id) equals childType

But setting it to this does not trigger the webhook:

Content Type ID (sys.contentType.sys.id) in parentTypes
Content Type ID (sys.contentType.sys.id) equals childType

I’m using comma separated values for the parentTypes. I also can’t get it to work if I try it with just one parentType either.

How do I get my webhook to fire when a content within another content type is changed?

Were you able to get the solution? I am looking forward to do the same.

Hi, unfortuantely there’s not a way to directly do that or associate a webhook event based on a change made on a child entity. However, if you control the webhook receiver you could grasp the changes of these child entities individually and understand which parent entries and linking it (documentation of the endpoint is here)